27 May 2012

UFO movie news round-up (27 May, 2012)

Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers

Prometheus: the making of a new myth

“What made Ridley Scott revisit the world of his iconic movie Alien more than 30 years later? The reasons are complicated, writes Damon Wise, and the results aren't what you'd expect.”

Article featuring comments from Ridley Scott indicating that Prometheus might be the beginning of a whole new franchise. Read it here. 

Men in Black 3 stuff

MIB 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld tells io9 what he has learned from the second movie’s mistakes and how his threequel is better as a result.

Meanwhile, Lee Spiegel of The Huffington Post reminds us of the real-life MIB encounters that inspired the movie franchise.

Finally, on the MIB front, it’s an “illegal alien” face-off between MIB 3 and Mars Attacks over at Bryce Zabel’s Movie Smackdown site. Go see who wins!

Former SETI Director: Hollywood’s aliens are too nasty!

Former SETI Director Jill Tarter tells Universe Today that Hollywood’s alien invasion movies are a big bag of bollocks… but phrases it more politely than that…

“While Sir Stephen Hawking warned that alien life might try to conquer or colonize Earth, I respectfully disagree. If aliens were able to visit Earth that would mean they would have technological capabilities sophisticated enough not to need slaves, food, or other planets. If aliens were to come here it would be simply to explore.

Considering the age of the universe, we probably wouldn’t be their first extraterrestrial encounter, either. We should look at movies like ‘Men in Black III,’ ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Battleship’ as great entertainment and metaphors for our own fears, but we should not consider them harbingers of alien visitation.”

Read the full article here.

ALF! You know, from the ‘80s?

Lovable ‘80s TV alien ALF is headed for the big screen according to his creator Paul Fusco, who tells The Hollywood Reporter:

“ALF could be more outspoken now than ever, because the world is a whole different place than the '80s. And I think the character still stands up and certainly has more to say now than ever,” he says. “I think we would approach it in a fresh way. I don’t think we would duplicate the TV show, but I think we would maybe put it in a storyline where we would explain how ALF got here and put him with a new family and let the character speak for himself.”

Read more about the history – and possible future – of ALF, here.

Sticking with the ‘80s theme...

Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats... ho!!!

This is old news (it was first reported in February of last year), but I’ve never mentioned it on Silver Screen Saucers until now. Five years ago, Warner Bros. Pictures announced it would be producing a big screen CGI adaptation of the 1980s animated TV series, ThunderCats. However, the project got lost in development hell, and there it remains to this day. Fans of the heroic alien cat-people thingies might be interested in the following test footage for the movie that found its way online last year (don’t get excited, though. It’s naff)...

The best alien invasion movie ever?!

Last but not least, visionary filmmakers Michael Bay (Transformers) and Peter Berg (Battleship) have teamed-up to bring us their dream project ;-) Could this be the greatest alien invasion movie ever? View the trailer here...


  1. Just came from seeing MIB3.

    I seriously doubt there will be an MIB4.

    Don't get me wrong. The movie had its moments and the old chemistry between Smith and Jones is still there, along with how well Brolin plays the part of a younger K.

    But the movie felt short of my expectations. I think in the end I preferred the 2nd one better.

    1. Thanks Miguel, yes, that's pretty much how I expect to feel after I go see the movie tonight.

  2. Well, I saw it last night and, in essence, my review is: "meh". It was watchable and inoffensive, with some laughs to be had. Better than MIB 2 I felt, but not by much. UFOlogically, it was quite dull.

    1. Ditto :-/

      [[SPOILER ALERT]] One of the disappointing elements in the story is that the viral campaign kind of misled us to believe the Large Hadron Collider would be somehow involved in the movie plot —since time travel was involved, that could have worked pretty nicely IMO— You remember that weird hexagonal image that resembled the LHC? Turned to be nothing but a jumbo neuralizer :(

      UFOlogically, I think the only meritorious element was the idea that the Earth is protected by some weird energy field. That immediately popped images of the shuttle videos in my head ;)

  3. Youtube shouldn't give Michael Bay & Peter Berg ideas. Having said that it did look quite eerie at one point in the video so there is potential for a more abstract kind of alien invasion movie.