3 February 2013

'Hangar 18', the CIA, and the Mormon Church

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers

Embedded below is a detailed write-up of my ongoing research into the historical corporate, political and religious connections of the film studio Sunn Classic Pictures -- the early output of which reflected a strong interest in Biblical figures and the idea of extraterrestrial visitation.

In the context of UFOs, the studio is perhaps best known for its 1980 conspiracy movie, Hangar 18...

This article was originally published at Earthfiles.com


Hangar 18 and Predictive Weirdness (by Mike Clelland)

A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television


  1. Robbie -

    One more bit of entanglement of the characters your essay. The Mormon Church has a cozy relationship with the CIA. This is well known, and the Church speaks proudly of the fact that high numbers of LDS members are recruited into the CIA.

    There is a wealth of info on this out there. I live in a Mormon part of the USA. That means i have no locks on my doors and I keep my keys in the ignition of my car.

    Mike C!


    Mormon writer John J. Stewart has said:

    Mormonism seems as American as apple pie, and Mormons seem to be the perfect citizens with their close families, high morals, patriotism, Boy Scout programs, Tabernacle Choir, and conservative politics. A Los Angeles Times article implied that Mormons have recently gained the image of "super-Americans . . . [who] appear to many to be 'more American than the average American." This may explain why such a high proportion of Mormons find their way into government.

    Returned LDS missionaries have "the three qualities the CIA wants: foreign language ability, training in a foreign country, and former residence in a foreign country."

    ( * ) Utah (and particularly BYU, Brigham Young University) is one of the prime recruiting areas for the CIA. According to BYU spokesman Dr. Gary Williams, "We've never had any trouble placing anyone who has applied to the CIA. Every year they take almost anybody who applies." He also admitted that this has created problems with a number of foreign countries, who have complained about the "pretty good dose of [Mormon] missionaries who've gone back to the countries they were in as Central Intelligence agents."


    ( * ) I (Mike C) would add a few more qualities of a Mormon:

    A) the ability to keep secrets. There are secret sacraments and rights (based on Masonic rights) that an initiate needs to perform in order to become "worthy" - It is my understanding that they are required to cut the tongue out of anyone who gives up these secrets.

    B) They don't drink alcohol.

    C) They are notoriously subservient to authority. They will obediently do what they are told to do (an example would be their duties during their Mission).

    1. Thanks so much for this info, Mike. Extremely valuable!

  2. One fact that you fail to mention is that most of the many Mormons in alphabet agencies tend to be mid level. There's something of a glass ceiling for them. Their ethics prevent them from the kind of amoral skull duggery required to rise to leadership and prosper in those agencies. For every disgraceful, Hell bound and openly globalist Brent Scowcroft or Marriner Eccles there's thousands of upright and conscientious Mormons working tirelessly in the FBI and CIA to do the right thing and wondering why their superiors always seem to be committing acts of treason. They need a class in that at BYU- identifying and resisting Gadiantons.